A solution for COVID-19 mass screening with rapid antigen testing.

SafePlay is an end-to-end service that supports any local strategy of COVID-19 testing between mass and essential testing to ensure the continuity of public services and businesses.

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How SafePlay can help

SafePlay is an end-to-end solution that can be integrated as a whole or in single modules.



In accordance with testing guidelines, SafePlay provides users with a friendly self-registration portal (online and on-site)



SafePlay supports the staff in the implementation and documentation of sampling, diagnosis, and invoicing


Results Delivery

SafePlay simplifies the delivery of test results to health authorities in accordance with applicable reporting regulations

The Impact of SafePlay

Increasing efficiency in Sars-CoV-2 antigen rapid testing by means of a digital support solution*


*Source: Workflow Analysis Dec 2020, Roche Healthcare Consulting powered by Consulab®

Key features of SafePlay

Supported by a digital platform, SafePlay is test agnostic and integrates with rapid antigen tests and logistical medical partners to offer business owners and organizing leads a seamless experience to register, test, and manage individuals quickly and affordably.


Administrative Support
SafePlay features a streamlined and optimized process for all stakeholders, from labs and healthcare providers, to operators and end-users.


Flexible technology
For ease of operations, all SafePlay WebApps are compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and PCs.


Seamless Workflow
SafePlay is characterized by a proven workflow that is used by many operators, across various use-cases and can scale up to tens of thousands of tests a day.


Safe & Secure
SafePlay stores data on GDPR-compliant Medicus servers, but also has the ability to implement cloud or on-premise installation.


Quality Management
Eliminating human error from testing and increasing testing efficiency and reliability.


SafePlay is able to be customized for every operator’s need, including white labelling, analytics dashboards, and on-site or pre-registration for ‘walk-ins’.


Appointment booking
SafePlay can be used to facilitate appointment booking on the user-side, with the ability to be customized for every operator’s need.

About Medicus Medicus is a leading technology company supporting the diagnostic industry with an innovative digital health solution. Medicus’ licensed, integrated, and white-labeled B2B2C platform empowers users to visualize and interpret health data from blood tests and medical reports, helping patients and users better understand and manage their health.

Medicus works with some of the largest providers in Europe and the Middle East, delivering solutions and supporting specific use cases, with a combined patient reach of 30 million and growing.

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